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Kingswood at Palo Duro

Kingswood at Palo Duro

Friday, June 5, 2015@ 10:00 AM

This is a design your weekend and enjoy it with other Kingswood folks.

Come and go or stay at a campsite.

Fri night is the Texas show ( 23.95 Adult and 19.95 child)  and a

BBQ meal before.(Meal, drink & dessert - $16 Adults, $9 Kids)

Saturday will be filled with hiking to the lighthouse, horseback riding and the zip line.

The Church staff will collect money for the BBQ meal and show.  In order to sit relatively close as a group we must have your money by Sunday May 24.

Campsite fee and Saturday meals will be provided.  Admission fees to the activities are the individuals responsibility.  To know who is doing what all registration forms and fees must be turned in by May 24.  (horseback riding and zip line request that we turn in numbers a week before we come.)

Come by the Church for a registration form or email Joyce with Palo Duro as the subject and she will send it to you.  (The form and check will still need to be brought to the Church office)