Logo of Kingswood United Methodist Church - It is a graphic of a tree.



Sunday Morning Service at 8:30 am

The Kingswood early service is a relaxed service using traditional hymns and gospel songs to express our worship to the Lord.  Prayer requests and praise reports are shared corporately during the prayer time, contributing to a warm sense of family.  Communion is available each week for those whose wish to partake.

Sunday Morning Service at 11:00 am

The later service at Kingswood is more spontaneous and contemporary.  A full band provides the music for corporate singing, which is comprised of new songs, original pieces and older songs/hymns with new arrangements.  There is a strong sense of community as worshipers minister to one another at the altar during the prayer time.  Communion is available each week for those whose wish to partake.

If you decide to make Kingswood your spiritual home, you may find you want to be a part of the ministry in the service you attend. Ushers, sound and video technicians and communion preparers are needed at both services. In addition, the band in the second service is an ever-growing group of people. Pastor Brad can share with you the process for becoming part of the worship team. Call him at 806-358-7095 to leave a message.